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Make your own screen saver

Download the free application from

In the photo manager, select "make a new collection"

Select "add photos"

Add your own photos from your hard drive

Choose how long you want each displayed and how they appear. You can waste a good 20 minutes of work playing around with it

"Disable the camera" or else you'll have an annoying blinking camera on your quick launch bar  

I made my own graphics with words and placed them between my own photos from college, so that mine reads "We are UD" 

Make sure you don't select random or your words won't appear in the correct order and then you'll look like an idiot

I've provide some UD-spirited graphics below - Click on each graphic to enlarge and then right-click the bigger image to save

    we.jpg (11573 bytes)    are.jpg (9852 bytes)  

 ud.gif (2150 bytes)    rudy.jpg (38175 bytes)    flyers.gif (3113 bytes)