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Andrea Brofft 1999 graduate of the University of Dayton displays her photos and memories in slideshows with a musical touch.></center>
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How did you make this site?

First, I registered for a free site at Tripod

  • 50 MB of free space

  • Provides "cut and paste" javascripts

  • supports streaming media

  • Enhancements from HTMLGear


  • The tacky banner advertisement either at the top of each page or as an annoying pop-up window.  

I've tried Geocities but it no longer provides as many perks as Tripod.

I downloaded and used RealSlideshow to create my shows.  In order to watch the shows I needed RealPlayer.  Both are the free, basic versions available at

I use FrontPage to help create my pages and then I use HTML to tinker with them.  

Resource sites like 123Webmaster or FreeWebTemplates can provide help and direction on enhancing a site.  I don't know who Michele is, but her step-by-step approach to building a web site is helpful!

At sites I liked, I copied the source code and found out how the site was made and amended it to fit my page!